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The series of BMW E34 is technically a link between the 70’s and 90’s. It was started manufacturing in 1987 and in the early times the old M20-M30 engines were installed in it which were inherited from the series of E28-E23.
Maybe this is the last Mercedes of which design the 30-year-long lifecycle was the main aim. The high-quality work of German engineers in the 80’s was confirmed by life and time since the well-maintained pieces of this car have exceeded this lifecycle pretty much.
During the travelling and sitting in its big, soft seats we feel like flying over the road not driving on it. This car is not about the turning speed but the enjoyment of travelling. It gives us the possibility to taste of the atmosphere of the ‘big cars’ of the 70’s.

Its design is regarded to be the masterpiece of Claus Luthe which was perfectly justified by the time. It has a classic shape with perfect proportions filled up with good quality technological components. The M20B20 engine with 6 cylinders is a prime example of BMW engine construction.

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BMW 525i

The straight-six petrol engine became the trademark of BMW and not without a reason. These are twirling, durable engines with good sound and sporty tone. And this is – no more – what you need on a mountain – serpentine. Just enjoy the rumbling of the six cylinders and the beauty of the landscape.
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A fantastic car rental Retro Car Rental gift card is the ideal gift! Enjoy driving with your loved ones! Gift card, gift certificate for retro car. It’s a really exclusive gift for a birthday, but also a unique gift for a wedding, to surprise her with the newlyweds.

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