Mercedes 260E “Felicia”

Mercedes 260E “Felicia”

Minimum rental period

3 days


FREE at the airport


NO deposit needed!


Maybe this is the last Mercedes of which design the 30-year-long lifecycle was the main aim. The high-quality work of German engineers in the 80’s was confirmed by life and time since the well-maintained pieces of this car have exceeded this lifecycle pretty much.

It is one of the best works of Bruno Sacco which not only proved by hundreds of thousands taxi drivers all over the world since more than 2.5 million pieces were manufactured.
Although this type was produced mainly with diesel engines, this one is more gentlemanlike-type which was made with a 6-cylinder petrol engine and automatic transmission. With the 160HP we won’t like to drive sporty-way, but conveniently.

The car, like a time-capsule, takes us back to the 80’s, the time when the Mercedes didn’t want to be more just being the Mercedes. Following their own values was enough for them since each of their cars were considered the etalon in its category. This car is the perfect example for that how the Stuttgart’s Star overtopped 30-40 years ago.

  • 5 Passengers
  • Air conditioned
  • Automatic transmission
  • Boot for 2-3 suitcases

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Is there minimum age for renting?

There isn’t minimum age. You need a driving licence valid in Spain with a minimum of 2 years driving experience for driving or renting. Drivers under the age of 23 have to pay additional charge – € 10 / day.

How can I add an additional driver?

An additional driver can be added free during the booking. Renting requirements are the same for the additional driver.

How can I pay?

The rental can be paid by credit or debit card or cash on spot. The rental price is in Euros.

Where can I pick up and drop off the car?

Generally, the pick-up or drop-off is at the airport of LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA (LPA). You can choose another pick-up or drop-off location for an additional charge.

I find some damage or failings of the car during the pickup. What should I do?

All of our cars have Rental Certificate which includes the condition of the vehicle. The damages and the failings of each vehicle are recorded onto this certificate at every pickup and drop off. Of course we would like to get back our cars with the same condition as we have given them over. We expect from all our Renters to handle our cars as if they were their own cars.

How much fuel does the car have at the time of drop off?

We give over our cars with filled-up tank and you have to drop them off with the same condition. We will charge for the cost of the difference of fuel and additionally €15 as a service cost.

I would like to have a child-safety seat into the car. Is it possible?

Child-safety seats or booster seats can be required free during the rental process. Regarding their age, our retro cars aren’t always compatible with child-safety seats – you can find the possibly restrictions in the descriptions of the cars. Please take notice of it and check it during your booking.

What can be transported in the car?

Our cars can be rented for only ordinary usage. Neither animals nor goods can be transported in them. If you fail to act by this rule, we will have to charge € 100 for cleaning over the possibly caused damage.

Is smoking allowed in the car ?

No, it isn’t. It is strictly forbidden. If you fail to act by this rule, we will have to charge € 100 for cleaning.

What do I have to do in the case of damage / accident / theft?

It is the Renter responsibility that every traffic incident or theft will have to be reported to the police (Phone number: +34 112) without any delay. You must also inform Retro Car Rental, as the lessor of the car / vehicle, on the following phone number: +34 699874664 in WhatsApp message.

What should I do in the case of mechanical malfunction?

Our cars are in good mechanical and technical condition in accordance with their age and mileage. They are regularly maintained and checked. If some mechanical or technical malfunction could happen (any of the MI – malfunction indicator – is activated or the engine overheats etc.) The Renter must contact us without any delay on the following phone number: +34 699874664 in WhatsApp message. You must pull over the side of the road safely and mustn’t go on driving.

Is it allowed to leave the island?

No, it isn’t. Leaving Gran Canaria is strictly forbidden.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking FREE 24 hours before the picking up AT THE LATEST. Your cancellation request can be sent in e-mail ([email protected]) or via WhatsApp message (+34699874664).

If you cancel your booking WITHIN 24 hours, you’ll have to pay the refund of the 50% of the renting fee.

Can I modify my booking?

Depending on the availability, you can modify the date of your booking or choose another car. We can do it only once without charging a fee. We will charge the 25% of the renting fee at the second time. In this connection, please contact us in e-mail ([email protected]) or in WhatsApp message (+34699874664).