BMW 535i “Manuel”

BMW 535i “Manuel”

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5 days


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The series of BMW E34 is technically a link between the 70’s and 90’s. It was started manufacturing in 1987 and in the early times the old M20-M30 engines were installed in it which were inherited from the series of E28-E23.

The professional engineering knowledge can be seen on it without the saving and rational intentions, which were indicated by financial issues and can be observed in the case of the later models. We can see more iron and more robust technique in these cars than in the ones of the following periods. You can find in this car the M30B35 engine which also actuated the No. 5 series – the type of the E28 M535i.

The 211-horsepower is enough in each situation to enjoy driving. The straight-six petrol engine became the trademark of BMW and not without a reason. These are twirling, durable engines with good sound and sporty tone. And this is – no more – what you need on a mountain- serpentine. Just enjoy the rumbling of the six cylinders and the beauty of the landscape.

  • 5 Passengers
  • Air conditioned
  • Manual transmission
  • Petrol
  • Boot for 2-3 suitcases

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