Terms and Conditions

Rental requirements:

Drivers under 23 years of age have to pay an additional charge.

Drivers must meet the following requirement:

– Holder of a driving licence valid in Spain with a minimum of 2 years driving experience at the time of renting.

In addition, RCR may cancel the booking after confirmation in the following cases:

– If any information provided by the customer turns out to be: incorrect, not real or not up to date.

– If the requested vehicle is not available

– If your booking does not comply with the applicable rental conditions or the current legislation.

– Based on the Hirer’s history of incidents or non-compliance with the general conditions.

If the hirer does not comply with this requirement, Retro Car Rental (RCR) reserves the right to refuse to execute the rental contract / cancel the reservation.


How to make a reservation, payment methods:

– You can book by email: [email protected]

– You will get a confirmation or a refusal of your booking at the email address you have indicated.

– The rental price is in Euros, according to the conditions agreed in the contract. The rental can be paid by credit or debit card or cash.


Booking conditions

– We reserve the right to provide another vehicle of the same class or larger (subject to availability) in place of the booked vehicle.

– Child seats and booster seats are provided free of charge but must be requested at the time of booking. Their proper use (both their installation and the model to be used in accordance with current regulations) is the driver’s responsibility.

– There is no mileage limit.

– The reservation can be cancelled free of charge 24 hours before the booking date. You can indicate your intention by email ( [email protected] ) or WhatsApp (+34 699 87 4664). For cancellations within 24 hours before the booking, 50% of the rental amount will be charged.

– The person named in the contract, the reservation holder and the main driver must be the same person. Contracts and reservations cannot be assigned or transferred to another person. An additional driver can be assigned free of charge. (Once the contract is signed, no changes can be made to additional drivers).


Pick-up and drop-off

– Generally the pick-up or drop-off is at the airport of LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA (LPA). This service is only provided when you (our client) give prior notification of the flight arrival and departure times and flight numbers.

– You can choose another pick-up or drop-off location for an additional charge. You have to select this option during your booking as a “purchasable service”. In this case, the pick-up or drop-off is available from Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm. You must inform us in advance of the exact time.

– All our cars have a Rental Certificate which includes the condition of the vehicle. The damages and faults of each vehicle are recorded on this certificate at each pick-up and drop-off, being the responsibility of the party receiving the car to check it.



Our cars have “Full Protection Service”.

However the “Full Protection Service” does NOT cover the following

– Damage to tyres and wheels.

– Loss or damage to the car key – The charge to the contract holder will be the full amount of the key (min. 100 €), plus any expenses incurred as a result.

– Incorrect refuelling.

– Driving off the road.

– Fines – The hirer-driver is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle he/she has hired is used in accordance with the traffic laws and regulations applicable in Spain, and will have to be liable for all fines and infringements committed as a result of such use, whether by the hirer himself/herself or by a third party who may use the vehicle. The concept of fine covers all types of traffic offences, toll charges, towed vehicles, etc.

If RCR receives such a fine, it will be entitled to charge the hirer for the fine, if it has been incurred, as well as an administrative charge to cover the time spent on processing the fine, which is fixed at the sum of €40.

If the Hirer wishes to appeal against the fine, RCR will provide him with information about the fine and the issuing authority. If the vehicle is impounded, any costs incurred as a result of the impounding, a handling fee and any loss of rental income while the Vehicle is not available for hire will be at the Renter’s expense.

– Accidents and/or technical failures caused by reckless driving or use for unlawful purposes.

– Accidents related to reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs, narcotics or any other toxic or psychotropic substance.

– Driving the vehicle when your physical condition is impaired by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.

– Any damage caused by failure to comply with the rules mentioned in the “Obligations of the Driver” section.


Fuel policy

The amount of fuel will be recorded during the pick-up and drop-off the vehicle. Please note that the amount of fuel must be the same at drop-off as that recorded at pick-up. The cost of the difference in fuel and an additional 15 Euro service charge will be charged.


Vehicle conditions

The vehicle is the property of RCR (László Ruzicka). The vehicle must be in good mechanical condition, with the necessary tool kit, tyres and accessories.


Obligations of the driver:

– Compliance with the applicable national regulations.

– The vehicle must not leave the island where it is rented.

– It is compulsory for the Hirer to always carry a physical and valid rental contract in the rented vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a sanction and a fine by the Spanish authorities.

– The Hirer undertakes to observe and comply with the regulations of the Traffic and Road Safety Code in force in Spain, and in case of doubt will contact RCR in order to be fully informed of his obligations.

– The Hirer has to maintain the vehicle in good condition, both internally and externally, in accordance with the legal regulations and the manufacturer’s instructions for its use in circulation.

– The vehicle is not used for illegal purposes or as a means of committing illegal acts.

– It is allowed to travel only on public roads.

– The vehicle mustn’t be used  for commercial or advertising purposes.

– The fuel recommended for the vehicle must be used.

– Ensure that when leaving or parking the vehicle it is completely locked.

– The vehicle must not be parked in prohibited areas or in dangerous places.

– If a malfunction or breakdown is observed, stop the vehicle, park it correctly and safely and inform RCR immediately. RCR is not obliged to provide a courtesy car. The Hirer is obliged to seek authorisation from RCR before commencing any repair or replacement work on the vehicle. If such authorisation has not been obtained, the cost of such repair will be borne by the Hirer.

– The vehicle is not authorised to take part in any car race, car test or driving training.

– The vehicle mustn’t be used for towing.

– The number of passengers must not exceed the number of passengers registered in the logbook and the transport of cargo is not permitted.

– The vehicle mustn’t be hired out to third parties.

– The vehicle mustn’t be used for the transport of goods, especially dangerous and prohibited goods.

– It is forbidden to transport animals and smoking in our vehicles. In these cases, we charge a cleaning fee of 100 Euro.

The Hirer is responsible for the vehicle during the rental period – from pick-up to correct return to RCR. If the return does not take place in the manner indicated by RCR, the client’s responsibility for the rented vehicle will be extended until the time of registration of the actual receipt of the vehicle by RCR.

The rental days shall be calculated in periods of 24 hours from the exact time at which the client has rented the vehicle until receipt of the vehicle, its keys and its documentation by RCR. The courtesy period for the return of the vehicle shall be 30 minutes. For longer delays the additional charge will be: double the daily rental price for each 24-hour-period commenced.

In case of early return of the vehicle, RCR will not refund the amount of the days not used.

Responsibility of RCR

If not covered by the “Full Protection Service”, the Hirer will fully exonerate RCR from any direct or indirect damage suffered by the Hirer as a result of breakdown or accident of the rented vehicle.

RCR will not be liable for loss or damage to goods left in the vehicle during the rental period or thereafter. Such goods, their safekeeping and any damage caused are the sole responsibility of the Hirer.


Accident management

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to report any traffic incident or theft to the police (Phone: +34 112) without any delay. The Hirer also has to inform Retro Car Rental, as lessor of the car/vehicle, on the following telephone number: +34 699874664 with a WhatsApp message.

If the vehicle is involved in an accident during the period of validity of the contract, and the customer has not obtained the necessary data to identify the causes of the accident, data of the other party and has not filled out the friendly report, within the legally established period, you may be charged up to 130 € for Accident Management Costs.



In case of complaints, we provide you with the following email: [email protected], committing ourselves to give a response within 10 days.


Applicable law and jurisdiction:

In case of dispute or discrepancy related to any of these conditions, the parties waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them and agree to submit to the competent Courts and Tribunals of Las Palmas in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish legislation that may be applicable in each case.